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Fall / Winter ‘20 – Zara Home new collection available

Film by Fabien Baron.
Pictures by Fabien Baron and Maxime Poiblanc.

This season Zara Home steps into the surreal with a highly cinematic campaign featuring the iconic actress and singer-songwriter, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Exposure, a short film written and directed by Fabien Baron
serves as the heart of the campaign, and the focal point for the season’s storytelling.

The film follows a photographer, played by Gainsbourg, as she documents her day in a near-obsessive search for her next image—camera in hand from the moment she wakes up, only to snap a self-portrait, out into the wind and crashing waves, where she is compelled to return time and again to photograph one particular spot. Ultimately, what she finds there blurs the lines between reality and reflection and serves as a reminder that as we move through the world, we are all both lens and subject.

Featuring eclectic and inviting interiors appointed by Zara Home, and the stunning natural landscapes of Praia da Adraga, Portugal, the film will be showcased on A photographer at heart, the film finds autobiographic echoes in Gainsbourg’s search to define her own identity through art, and the ever-present overlapping of past and present. It’s a break in the fourth wall that once again erases the space between character and creator and leaves the viewer to decide what’s “real” for themselves.

Her home is a testament to her pursuit, cold shadows on warm raw material bedding is linen or velvet. The living room becomes an unexpected photography studio where piles of pictures and books inspire the artist.
The warm new wooden furniture is enhanced with cashmere blankets and textured objects for a vintage feeling. Glasses and mirrors show her blurred reflection and cast shadows on the beautiful mosaic floors. A compilation of memories, pictures and moments, this is what a home is made of. A place where the visitor can just intuit who you really are, through the decoration and style. Every detail, every camera shot capture a moment of your intimacy.

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